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Wear It Well – Where To Apply Fragrance For Men

Wear It Well – Where To Apply Fragrance For Men
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Do you know where to apply fragrance for men? There's plenty of advice for women, but when it comes to guys you may be stuck! We come to the rescue with our handy guide.

Knowing where to apply fragrance for men isn't always obvious. We tell you what goes where and how to apply it. To see our guide to the types of male fragrance that are available please click here.

A recent study by the NPD group found that 40% of men aged 18 - 64 never wear fragrance at all. We're shocked!! Not only is fragrance an instant grooming tool, it's the secret weapon every man should own. Fragrance is powerful. Not only does it attract people, it stirs emotions and creates memories. We've all passed someone wearing a familiar scent and been instantly reminded of a person or place. Wearing fragrance says you care about your appearance and you take time to look after yourself. So if you're in that 40% because you're not sure how to wear fragrance, we're here to help.

Apply Fragrance For Men
Aftershave This word is bandied about right, left and centre! But true aftershave means the kind you splash onto your face after shaving. Yes it's scented, but it also helps cool down sore skin. At we'll always called a true aftershave 'aftershave splash' or cologne (you'll also see 'aftershave balm' - this is the french way of describing aftershave and is almost always a splash-on liquid). This kind of product should be applied to the face, after shaving, in a splashing motion. You can also apply a little on your neck and dab or two behind the ears (yes behind the ears, it's a warm pulse point).

Aftershave is a great way to ease yourself into fragrance wear if you're a complete newbie. You can shop all men's aftershave here at

Eau de Toilette You may have seen men's eau de toilette (and sometimes eau de parfum!) and been super-confused. Surely eau de toilette is for women?! Not so, it simply means this is scent you can wear on your body. Almost always in a spray, eau de toilette should be applied to the body and never to the face. Our picture above shows the best places to apply fragrance for men but don't be afraid to spray clothing - unless it's a very expensive piece made from a precious fabric (such as silk or cashmere and be careful of leather) you won't do any damage from spraying your clothes.

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Dos and Don'ts
  1. Don't go crazy! A little goes a long way, resist the urge to spray like mad
  2. Think before you re-apply. Just because you can't smell your scent any longer, doesn't mean it isn't there. Our noses get used to the smell and can't always detect it
  3. Hold the bottle about 6 inches away from you before spraying
  4. Change up your fragrance - fresh, citrus scents are great for day time, but woody, musk scents work well for evening (and dates!)

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Writer and expert
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