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Winter Hair Colours

Winter Hair Colours
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It’s common for popular hairstyles and colours to evolve with the seasons. In the colder months, hair can steadily become drier and more fragile, so if you’re looking to switch up your look, it’s important to consider your hair texture too. Keep reading for more winter hair colour inspiration and haircare tips.

Winter hair colour ideas

There is no right or wrong when it comes to hair colour, fashion or makeup. The only rule is to be bold, be comfortable and let your personality shine through. That said, a lot of people turn to more neutral, rich, and dark tones in the winter months whereas the summer can be a time to explore playful, bright colours.

Winter blonde hair

Icy blonde

PHYTO PHYTOCOLOR: Permanent Hair Dye Shade: 10 Extra Light Blonde - £9.65 / RRP: £13.50

Light blonde is the colour that can take you through just about any season. Looking bright and energetic next to bronzed skin, icy blonde is just as pretty against a winter background or porcelain skin. Try the PHYTOCOLOR Permanent Hair Dye in shade 10 Extra Light Blonde. This is the perfect, blonde refresh. Enriched with a unique blend of botanical pigments derived from five dye plants, this product has superior pigmenting properties for instant results.

Golden blonde

PHYTO PHYTOCOLOR: Permanent Hair Dye Shade: 7.3 Golden Blonde - £10.80 / RRP: £13.50

Many blondies like to keep it light in the warmer months but transition away from ashy towards darker, warmer, richer golden tones in the winter. Achieve this with ease using PHYTOCOLOR’s Permanent Hair Dye in shade 7.3 Golden Blonde. The luxurious, high-concentration formula ensures intensity, with radiance and shine.

Winter brown hair 

Light brown locks

PHYTO PHYTOCOLOR: Permanent Hair Dye Shade: 6.77 Light Brown Cappuccino - £10.80 / RRP: £13.50

Throw away the iced drinks and start ordering warm, cosy chai lattes and hot chocolates. Enrich your natural brunette locks or take a different approach this autumn/winter with cappuccino, light brown hair dye. This one from PHYTOCOLOR will have your hair refreshed with intense colour, ready for the new season in minutes. Even better, the set comes with milk developer, colouring cream, Phytocolor mask and a pair of gloves meaning that after just one click, you’ll have everything you need.

Rich chestnut

PHYTO PHYTOCOLOR: Permanent Hair Dye Shade: 4.77 Intense Chestnut - £12.15 / RRP: £13.50

Chestnut is a reliable winter hair colour. Introducing warm, red and orange flecks to dull and tired brunette hair will transform your lengths into a beautiful, multidimensional colour. Plus, cherry red is in this A/W. Ease yourself into the trending winter hair colours with this permanent hair dye shade in Intense Chesnut. The perfect colour for a rustic environment, by the woodburner with a warm cup of coco this Christmas.

Colour protecting products 

As the temperature outside cools often you’re faced with dry, chapped skin, but did you know it can do the same to your hair? That’s because hair exposed to the element becomes drier and more susceptible to breakage. Luckily, the right haircare can help provide the extra care needed to restore your hair’s health and shine. Beyond the trusted tips such as being cautious with heat (that includes hot water), and not going to sleep with damp hair — introduce vitamin C and hydration to your routine and your hair will thank you later.

Vitamin C

Grow Gorgeous Scalp Care Prebiotic and Vitamin C 10% Booster 30ml - £19.90 / RRP: £25.00

Vitamin C is vital for your health and wellbeing in winter. Not only does it keep the nasty cold at bay, but vitamin C helps to combat hair loss and restore shine. By prompting cuticles to close, vitamin C improves the appearance and condition of your hair, even helping it to maintain colour longer. Try a concentrated vitamin C solution for the scalp for a quick everyday boost.

Hair hydration

Moroccanoil Treatments & Masks Intense Hydrating Mask 500ml - £41.85

Revitalise dry, winter hair with the reviving five-minute Moroccanoil® Intense Hydrating Mask. Infused with antioxidant-rich argan oil and nourishing ingredients, it hydrates and conditions while dramatically improving the hair's texture, elasticity, shine and manageability.

More hair products 

Simply browse our full range to find the right hair product for you, whether shampoo, conditioner, mask or oil. Or explore the allbeauty blog for more beauty inspiration and the latest trends.

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