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Haircare For Mature Hair With Kérastase | Stopping The Clock

Haircare For Mature Hair With Kérastase | Stopping The Clock
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As we age, our body goes through various stages of change. Your body may also undergo hormonal changes, particularly menopause, which can affect hair growth and pigmentation. The good news is there are lots of ways to show your hair some love, whatever your age. Follow this haircare routine for mature hair with Kérastase, and give your hair the luxury care it deserves.

How Aging Affects Hair

It’s not uncommon for women in their forties and onwards to start noticing changes in their hair. Menopause, for example, causes oestrogen levels to drop. Lower oestrogen can affect hair growth and density, which can lead to thinner or more brittle hair strands and even hair loss. Aside from aging, genetic and environmental factors can also contribute to changes in the way your hair looks and grows. Chemicals in haircare products and UV light can cause your hair to become more brittle and prone to breakage over time.

Aging also impacts your hair follicles’ melanin production rate. Less melanin means lighter-coloured hair, which is why hair turns grey or white as we age. And while these changes may become more noticeable in our 40s and 50s, it’s also possible to experience greying or thinning hair much earlier.

Stopping The Clock With Kérastase

Caring for mature hair doesn’t just mean reaching for the bottle of hair dye as soon as you start to see a few greys. Upgrading your haircare routine the right products, such as the Kérastase Genesis and Chronologiste collections can rejuvenate your hair and give it a new lease of life.

Here’s a four-step routine to care for mature hair with Kérastase

1. Pre-Cleanse

Sometimes, shampooing your hair just won’t cut it. Pre-cleansing or applying treatment products to your hair prior to shampooing gives your hair a protective layer that can help restore dry or damaged hair. It also helps keep your hair moisturised and vibrant.

Give your scalp and roots a deeper, more thorough cleanse with the Kérastase Chronologiste Pré-Cleanse Régénérant: Youth Revitalising Pre-Shampoo, which removes up to 96% more pollution particles compared to shampooing alone. It also contains hyaluronic acid for improved hydration and moisture, quenching your hair and giving it an instant boost.

2. Shampoo

After pre-cleansing, you can wash your hair with your favourite Kérastase shampoo. The Kérastase Genesis Bain Nutri-Fortifiant: Nourishing & Fortifying Shampoo is designed to combat hair fall due to breakage. Its gentle formulation reinforces hair fibres, moisturises hair strands, and adds resilience to your hair.

Want to reinvigorate and regenerate your hair while keeping it protected from external aggressors? The Kérastase Chronologiste Bain Régénérant: Youth Revitalising Shampoo contains Abyssine, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin E to keep your scalp and hair hydrated, protected and revitalised.

3. Moisturise

Mature hair needs some extra TLC to keep it looking its best. To maintain hair and scalp health, use a revitalising hair mask like the Kérastase Genesis Masque Reconstituant, which is a nourishing and fortifying hair mask. Formulated with Edelweiss native cells, ginger root, and Aquaxyl, this Kérastase hair mask strengthens weakened hair and reduces hair fall due to breakage by up to 99.2%.

The Kérastase Chronologiste Masque Intense Régénérant: Youth Revitalising Masque is another miracle worker you’ll want to try. It’s especially made to purify the scalp while reducing irritation, repair damaged hair follicles and provide UV protection for your hair to keep it looking youthful and vibrant. It also contains Ceramides which enhance shine, promote elasticity and boost moisture retention, so you leave dry and brittle hair in the past where it belongs.

4. Protect

If you often use styling tools on your hair, then you’ll need a heat protectant like the Kérastase heat protectant spray from the Blond Absolu line, which offers heat protection for hair up to 230°C, or the Ciment Thermique Strengthening Heat Protector. Both are formulated to protect and fortify weakened hair and make it easier to style.

To add an extra layer of protection and nourishment for mature hair and scalp, use a Kérastase serum from the Genesis or Chronologiste range. The Chronologiste Sérum Universel is designed to protect scalp and hair fibres as well as controlling frizz, while the Genesis Nourishing & Fortifying serum fortifies hair strands to minimise hair fall.

Finish off your styling routine with a Kérastase hair oil to add a lasting, luxurious and sensual fragrance to your hair. The iconic Elixir Ultime is a leave-in hair oil that beautifies dull hair while reducing the appearance of split ends and controlling frizz for up to 96 hours, and it smells great too. Want something that offers sun protection while adding a texturizing effect to your hair? Add the Soleil Huile Siréne Nourishing Oil to your basket, for soft and silky, beach-ready hair in a flash.

Shop the full range of Kérastase haircare products and keep your hair looking strong and healthy at any age.

You can also check out allbeauty’s hormonal help page to find solutions for other common hormone-related skin, hair, and health issues.

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