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Introducing Kérastase Première Pre-Shampoo Treatment

Introducing Kérastase Première Pre-Shampoo Treatment
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Are you tired of battling persistent hair damage despite your best efforts? We’ve found a culprit that might surprise you: calcium. Yes, you read that right! While essential for our physical health, calcium wreaks havoc on our hair when present in excess. Hard water, abundant in calcium, can infiltrate porous, damaged hair up to three times more than its healthy counterpart, resulting in a calcium overload. This excess disrupts keratin chains, leaving hair stiff, rigid and prone to breakage.

Read on to discover how Kérastase has the solution to rejuvenate your locks and restore your hair’s original strength* today.

Revitalise your hair with the new Pre-Shampoo Treatment 

If you’re ready to bid farewell to persistent hair damage and embrace a new era of hair vitality, then let’s talk about Kérastase Première Decalcifying Repairing Pre-Shampoo Treatment. This groundbreaking formula contains a powerful blend of pure citric acid and glycine to not only remove the excess calcium, but also delve deep into the hair’s inner layers to repair its structure. Whether you’re an avid experimenter with hair colours, or subject your locks to frequent styling, rest assured that this dual-action treatment is sure to help your hair remain healthy, resilient and shiny.

How to use the treatment

Follow these simple steps to pamper your hair with the luxurious care it deserves, leaving it stronger, shinier, and healthier with each use.

  1. Start by wetting your hair thoroughly in the shower or sink
  2. Generously apply the Kérastase Première Decalcifying Repairing Pre-Shampoo Treatment to your hair, focusing on the lengths and the ends and ensure even coverage throughout
  3. Use your fingertips to massage into your scalp and hair to help distribute the product evenly and stimulate the scalp for better absorption
  4. Leave on for 5 minutes and don’t rinse to maximise its efficacy
  5. Layer Kérastase Première Decalcifying System Reparative Shampoo directly on top of the pre-shampoo treatment
  6. Rinse thoroughly and follow with the Kérastase Première Anti-Rigidity Decalcifying Repairing Conditioner or Kérastase Première Anti-Breakage Reparative Filler Mask to maximise results and further nourish your hair

What does Kérastase Première smell like?

Transport yourself to the sun-kissed shores of Portofino summer with the signature fragrance of Kérastase Premère. With every use, revel in a blend of vibrant and citrusy mandarin with orange flowers and jasmine, creating a summer nectar finished with subtle woody notes. Let the scent whisk you away to the picturesque beauty of Italy’s idyllic landscapes.

What are the key benefits?

Decalcifies and dramatically repairs persistent damage

Formulated with a potent blend of 3% citric acid and 5% glycine, Première products effectively decalcifies your hair, removing the build up that causes the damage. By eliminating this mineral build up, the Kérastase Première Decalcifying Repairing Pre-Shampoo Treatment works to repair the damage caused by calcium overdose; expect to see a noticeable reduction in breakage, split ends and overall damage to leave hair looking and feeling fresh and revitalised.

Helps reverse stiffness and dullness

Do you ever finish styling your hair, but instead of it feeling light and bouncy, it’s weighed down by stiffness and lacking its usual shine? Well fear not, because Première is here to save the day! Its innovative formula doesn’t just skim the surface, it dives deep into the hair shaft, targeting stiffness and breathing life back into every strand. Working from the inside out, Première restores flexibility and shine to your natural hair. The result? Hair that’s not only more manageable but visibly happier and healthier.

Reconnects broken links between keratin chains

Let’s dive into the science of hair health. Keratin, often hailed as the building block of hair, forms chains that provide much-needed strength and structure. However, this superhero isn’t immune to the villains lurking in our everyday routines. From the relentless heat of styling tools to the harsh chemicals found in bleaching agents and environmental stressors we face daily, our hair often bears the brunt of these damaging factors. If that's not enough, it leaves our hair more vulnerable to further damage, making it a never ending cycle of hair woes. This is where Première steps in. By fortifying the keratin structure from within, Première not only helps reverse the damage but also shields your hair against future assaults, ensuring it stands strong against whatever life throws its way.

Explore the Kérastase Première range 

Switch up your haircare routine and discover the difference with Kérastase today. View all new-in products here, and watch the allbeauty blog for the latest product releases.

*Instrumental test on bleached hair after continued use of the full Première routine vs. non-bleached hair.

Writer and expert
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