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Sweet, sweet, coffee, what would we do without you? At allbeauty, we love a steaming hot cup of joe as much as the next person… maybe more, but we’re not here to talk about grande cappuccinos (with coconut milk if you please). Instead, today we’ll be looking at coffee as an active ingredient in skincare products. We’ll explore coffee’s many beneficial properties, discuss how it can benefit your skin, and consider whether you should be rushing out to buy some (spoiler alert: you should). With a long history in the UK, coffee was first introduced to our shores in the 16th century. Why then, has it only recently started to make its way into beauty products? It’s a matter of science.

Why Use Coffee in Cosmetics? 

A new addition to western skincare, the benefits that coffee offers to the skin have only recently been established. As with so many things, we’ve had to wait for technology to catch up in order to allow chemistry to explain what exactly coffee can do for our health. We now know that along with smelling great and giving us a caffeine hit, coffee contains antioxidants, has antimicrobial properties, dilates blood vessels and improves circulation. But that isn’t to say that you should start washing your face with what’s left in the mug! It’s all about processing the coffee bean at just the right time.

How Does It Work?

One of the reasons that coffee can be used in so many different ways is that it has different properties when raw and roasted. When raw, oil can be extracted from the green beans, unleashing its full antioxidant properties. While the antioxidant potential in coffee is present from bean to brew, it’s at its strongest pre-roast. Meanwhile, the roasted beans, when ground, are the perfect consistency for exfoliating, while the caffeine also stimulates circulation and aids slimming. Interestingly, caffeine is able to absorb through the skin, which is why it is used as an active ingredient in some skincare. 

Who Can Benefit From Using Coffee?

When it comes to skincare, if you’re one of the millions of women who suffer from cellulite, coffee may just be your new best friend. The exfoliating action smoothes skin, while caffeine stimulates circulation and helps to drain excess fluid from the tissue. Take a look at our recommendations below to try it for yourself.

What Products Contain Coffee?

At allbeauty, we have a range of products that contain elements of coffee. When scanning the ingredients, look for:• Coffea arabica seed oil• Coffea robusta seed oil• Coffea seed extractFor Your FaceWe all know that antioxidants are fantastic for keeping us looking younger, longer. That’s why we love the Caudalie Instant Detox Mask. With both arabica and robusta coffee seed extract, along with a nourishing blend of essential oils and cleansing pink clay, this antioxidant-rich mask is a must-have.

CaudalieMasks and Scrubs Instant Detox Mask 75ml

For Your Hair

Caffeine is one of the latest ingredients to make waves in the world of hair products. Stimulating circulation of the scalp and follicles, it’s believed to encourage growth, leading to longer, healthier hair. Try Novex Coffee Shampoo paired with Novex Coffee Conditioner and see the results for yourself! Novex Hair Boost Coffee Shampoo 200ml

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Writer and expert
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