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Take The Day Off – Clinique’s Iconic Cleanser

Take The Day Off – Clinique’s Iconic Cleanser
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A great cleanser can transform your skincare game – and Clinique’s award-winning Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm does just that.

Why use a cleansing balm?

The easiest way to keep your skin looking fresh is to make sure you remove your makeup before going to bed, no matter how late it gets. Removing a full face of makeup can be a hassle, and the last thing you want to do is scrub hard. A cleansing balm makes it easy. These gentle, oil-based cleansers dissolve the makeup, grit and grime that accumulates on your skin throughout the day. Cleansing balms also hydrate and nourish your skin, and although oil-based, they are suitable for oily skin as well.

Unlike other cleansers and makeup removers Clinique’s Take The Day Off doesn’t leave your skin feeling stripped and parched, thanks to its non-greasy and non-drying formula that's suitable for all skin types. Take The Day Off is also fragrance-free, which is perfect if you have allergies. The solid texture of the balm makes it a great travel companion too - there’s no chance of it leaking all over your outfits.

How to use Clinique Take The Day Off

Scoop a little out using your fingers and feel the texture change from a balm to an oil as you massage it across your face. You’ll see your makeup literally melt away as you go. You only need a little scoop of this Clinique makeup remover - a scoop about the size of a 10p coin is more than enough to take a full face of stubborn makeup off.

Add a bit of warm water on your hands and feel it change to a milky texture as it continues to break down makeup and grime. Rinse it off, pat your skin dry, and you’re left with smooth, gorgeous makeup-free skin.

For an extra pamper, take a warm, damp washcloth and hold it over your face for a few seconds, then wipe away the melted makeup. Follow this by rinsing the cloth in cool water and gently patting it on your face to close your pores.

While you can use Clinique Take the Day Off on its own, follow it up with a Clinique face wash like the Clinique Extra Gentle Cleansing Foam for the ultimate double cleanse.

Finish up your evening skincare routine with a Clinique moisturiser like the Clinique Moisture Surge 100H Auto-Replenishing Hydrator, with a silky-smooth gel-cream texture that works to plump up and perfect the skin, locking in moisture for up to 100 hours.

If you prefer using a liquid cleanser, Clinique’s Take the Day Off is available as a makeup remover for lids, lashes & lips in convenient 200 ml and 125 ml bottles too.

Upgrade your evening skincare routine today and feel gorgeously cleansed and makeup-free every time.

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Writer and expert
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