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It’s pretty likely you’ve come across moringa before, but you wouldn’t be alone if you admitted to having no idea what it is. The name conjures up pictures of exotic tropical fruit, something lush and juicy hanging from a tree. In reality, this couldn’t be further from the truth!

In actual fact, moringa is a drought-resistant tree (also known as the drumstick or horseradish tree!) that grows across the Asian continent and beyond. So, what makes this unsuspecting bush a must-have beauty ingredient? Well, they don’t call it “the tree of life” for nothing.

What Is Moringa?

Featuring prominently in body butter, moisturisers and hair care, moringa is such a key ingredient that it often gets promoted from the ingredients list right into the product name. Yet, most of us wouldn’t have a clue where it comes from.

The moringa tree (which produces the Moringa oleifera seed) is amazingly resilient, thriving in even the most arid of conditions. To unlock the benefits of the plant, the seeds pods are harvested, and oil is extracted from the soft seeds. Cosmetic scientists can then add this oil into beauty products, where the benefits speak for themselves.

How Does It Work?

Moringa oil is rich in healthy compounds, including:

● Vit A ● Vit B1 ● Vit C ● B2 ● B3 ● B6 ● Folate ● Calcium ● Potassium ● Iron ● Magnesium ● Phosphorus ● Zinc

Together, these elements make this beauty ingredient great at fighting skin-ageing free radicals - and give the oil antibacterial, antifungal, and antimicrobial properties. Not only does the oil have these innate healing benefits, but it’s also supremely hydrating thanks to its genetic ability to survive in dry climates and during times of drought. Now that’s the kind of ingredient we all want in our skincare!

Who Can Benefit From Using Moringa?

Moringa oil is one of the few ingredients that can genuinely benefit all skin and hair types. Whether you suffer from dry, dehydrated skin, or oily, blemish-prone skin, it could be the ingredient you’ve been waiting for.

Mature Skin

The antioxidant properties of moringa oil give it great benefits for mature skin types, as it helps to fight free radicals, which contribute to ageing. Through a combination of age, diet and environmental factors, free radicals increase within our bodies, damaging our healthy cells. Moringa oil may help to neutralise these free radicals, preventing further damage.

Dry/Dehydrated Skin

It will come as no surprise that this oil is fantastic for dry or dehydrated skin. After all, any plant that knows how to survive even without water can teach our skin cells a thing or two about retaining moisture. By using a moisturiser that contains moringa seed oil, you’ll give your skin an added boost of hydration, along with added nutrients and antioxidant protection.

Oily/Blemish-Prone Skin

With its antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial properties, moringa oil can be an ideal addition to blemish-prone skin routines. The powerful combination of properties allows moringa oil to reduce the risk of infection and encourage the skin to heal. These benefits, along with the hydrating element of moringa oil, may even help reduce the appearance of scars.

Normal/Combination Skin

As this oil is well-tolerated by all skin types, it can be used on normal or combination skin for an added boost of moisture over the winter months or to reduce the risk of breakouts in your t-zone. With such varied benefits, a quality skin care product that contains moringa oil is ideal to have at hand when your skin needs that little something extra.

What Products Contain Moringa?

A growing number of brands are beginning to include moringa oil among their active ingredients, but a few, in particular, are leading the way. The Emma Hardie Amazing Face range boasts many skin products infused with the oil, as does the Estée Lauder Revitalizing Supreme+ range.

For hair, nourish your tresses with the Shu Uemura Urban Moisture range, which uses moringa oil and red algae to deeply hydrate, or CHI Argan Oil Plus Moringa Oil for a dual-oil treatment.

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