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Move Over Movember: The Best Way To Shave

Move Over Movember: The Best Way To Shave
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The end of Movember is in sight - we have tips on the best way to shave off your tache or beard...

Well done to you if you joined in with the Movember movement! But if the new look isn't for you, here are some tips on the  best way to shave and return to your former glory, courtesy of shaving and grooming experts men-ü.

The Shaving Brush - Badger or Synthetic?

men-ü best way to shave Shaving Brushes Pro Black Shaving Brush & Shave Crème 15ml
Why use a shaving brush? According to men-ü, a good shaving brush lifts the beard away from the face, generates a fine, rich, creamy lather and helps remove dead skin cells. All of this makes a close shave easier, but most importantly it keeps down aeration - that means as much shave crème as possible is in contact with the skin and beard. When it comes to shaving, all that counts is the product in contact with the skin and beard - everything else is wasted!

How To Use:
  • Dip the bristles in clean, warm water and shake off the excess
  • Apply men-ü Shave Crème to the side of the wet brush or wet your palm and apply it to your hand. Generate a fine, rich creamy lather, then moisten the area to be shaved and apply the cream in a circular motion
  • Shave in the direction of hair-growth and for a really smooth feeling - shave again. There may be enough crème left on the brush but if not, just add a little more shave crème
  • Rinse the brush in clean water after use and shake off the excess (don’t use water that is too hot or leave the brush in water). Always dry your brush by hanging it on the stand provided

Want to know more? watch this video for an amazing demonstration of the difference between badger bristles and the far more efficient men-ü shaving brush

The Shave Crème

men-ü best way to shave Shave / Facial Shave Crème 100ml
A whole new level of shaving, the men-ü shave crème is unlike your standard shaving product. A little goes a very long way, due to the ultra concentrated nature of the product (a 100ml bottle contains enough product for up to 165 shaves!) Suitable for all skin types, it contains tea tree oil, a natural antiseptic and antibacterial, to ensure a post-Movember super-clean shave. It also contains lubricants and moisturisers, meaning you'll be left with super-soft, clean skin. You can also see where you shave with this product and it breaks down on contact with water (so no blade clogging).

via GIPHYHow To Use
  • Pump 1 to 1.5 shots on to the side of a damp shaving brush or 1.5 to 2 shots into a wet palm
  • Spread with circular motion generating a creamy, rich lather (ideally with a brush)
  • Rinse face well after shaving

Post-Shave Care

best way to shave men-u set
Now that you've shaved, you'll need to treat the skin with a little TLC. Shaving removes 2 layers of skin, so you've already had a mini facial. men-ü Shave Crème contains Tea Tree Oil but you'll need to be extra careful not to introduce bacteria into those freshly open pores, so time for men-ü Healthy Facial Wash  - soap free, deep cleansing and PH balanced, it also helps protect from spots and shaving rash thanks to Witch Hazel and a host of soothing and moisturising ingredients. Follow with Matt Skin Refresh Gel to control excess oil that contributes to blocked pores and breakouts and finally finish with Facial Moisturiser Lift, an aftershave balm and moisturiser in one, that leaves skin talcum powder soft.

The Shave Facial Essentials kit from men-ü is our top pick for your end of Movember shave - containing absolutely everything you need in one set, it's the perfect way to get into your shaving groove! Need any extras? Check our Men's accessories for blades, scissors and tools.

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