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benefit’s Ultimate Brow Styling Guide

benefit’s Ultimate Brow Styling Guide
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Eyebrows - you may have noticed that they’re having a bit of a moment.

You could even say that they’ve become the beauty focus of the decade. What started as a trend on the catwalk and in fashion editorial has become a boom, with the brow industry worth £20 million in the UK alone. They’re no longer just a part of your face - you can pluck, thread, grow, fill and embellish them into a part of your personality.

At allbeauty, we are passionate about beauty which empowers you to feel your best. This is why we loved talking to benefit - the UK number 1 brand for brows, famous for the strapline “Laughter is the best cosmetic” - about their ultimate styling guide and best-selling brow collection!

Read on to discover Benefit’s top tips and top five products for levelling up your artistry skills!

Beyond Beautiful Brows

Whether you’re looking for something to set your arches all day long, occasionally find yourself trying to fix sparse patches or you are an auburn or grey-haired babe looking for a shade to suit you… you’ve come to the right place. In this article we’re going to teach you how to get a flawless look with confidence.

Selecting the right brow tools

You wouldn’t start a work of art without having the right tools, a blank canvas or the right colours.

The key to achieving your desired look is selecting the right tools and products to work with, so that you can be your own artist. Here’s the lowdown on all the tools Benefit has to offer and how they can meet your needs.

Brow Pens and Pencils

 1) New : Microfilling Pen

Have you heard of micro blading? It’s a popular cosmetic tattoo technique, where small needles are used to apply semi-permanent ink to your brows to fill them out. Effective - but also quite daunting, especially for those who are not a fan of needles (and let’s face it...who is!?). With Benefit’s latest innovation, the Microfilling pen, you can get the effect of micro blading without the commitment to one set look or scare factor.

An inky formula within the pen helps to simulate the microblading salon look - so on trend, but without the pain. The innovative three-nip pen tip has three different lengths which mimic natural hair - helping you to draw on naturally flawless brows that stay on all day long.

If you’ve got sparser hairs, or gaps within your brows – use this product to lightly fill in these areas. You can create your desired arch by gently drawing outside where your current brow arch ends – don’t worry, the end effect will look completely natural and hair-like.

2 ) Goof Proof Pencil

Goof Proof is a slightly thicker, tapered edge pencil which is a speedy way to quickly fill in the brow, with various shades to choose from. With a thin edge and a spoolie, you have everything you need to define, fluff and add volume. This is the go to product for a simple filled out look - the clue is in the name!

3) Precisely, My Brow Pencil

Precisely, My Brow pencil has a super fine tip, designed for you to draw tiny hair like strokes at a flick of a wrist. This tool comes in twelve… (yes that’s right, twelve!) hair shades, so you are guaranteed to find a shade to suit you.

Similarly to the Microfilling Pen, you can use pencils to outline, then, following the direction of your hairs, fill in your brow in short sharp strokes.

Like the Goof Proof pencil, Precisely My Brow is double-ended, with a crayon and a spoolie. For a fluffier effect, you can use the spoolie end to brush your hairs in an upwards direction at the start of the brow, then draw a few strokes upwards, before completing the rest of the look.

TOP TIP: Your Precisely My Brow pencil will become blunt over time. After a little while, gently tap your Precisely, My Brow Pencil on the flat service of a clean table top or your dressing table to sharpen the tip! This will help you get sharp, fine strokes every time.

Brow Gels

Gel is a quick way to help you set or add volume to your artistry. After you’ve defined your shape and drawn on your hair strokes with a pen or pencil, set your hairs in place using a brow gel. Our favourites are Gimme Brow+ and 24 Hour Brow Setter.

4) Gimme Brow +

Gimme Brow+ is a coloured brow gel. The formula contains tiny microfibres, which cling to even the lightest and most sparse of hairs to coat them to ensure full and thick results. You can use Gimme Brow+ as a product all on its own for a speedy and natural look… but if you want to take a brow from day to night, layer on after a pencil – this will help achieve a fluffier brow look and add extra dimension to the brow hair. As well as being amazing at creating texture, Gimme Brow+ is a great product for setting hairs in place.

5) 24 Hour Brow Setter

24 Hour Brow Setter is benefit’s cult-influencer approved product. As a clear gel, this product is arguably the most versatile. When we’re in a rush in the morning, we love to use this gel on its own to help just add an extra oomph to the natural arch shape.

When layered over a brow pen or pencil and Gimme Brow +, 24 Hour Brow Setter means that all the artistry you’ve put in will look perfect from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed. Walk in torrential rain, quick trip to the gym or even go on a roller coaster… your work will still be looking flawless!

You can use the comb provided within the product to really coat the hairs in the formula and push them up in an upwards direction for a fluffy effect.

So there you have it, our top five products and tips for levelling up your artistry skills. No need to thank us when you get compliments next time you try these steps… You were born with it babe!

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