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Our Guide To Strengthening Weak Nails

Our Guide To Strengthening Weak Nails
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Strengthening weak nails is something we all have to do at some point! If you've ever used artificial nails, worn polish for weeks or been hard at DIY, chances are your nails have suffered. Here are the best ways to strengthen your nails and return them to full nail health.

There are great products now available for strengthening weak nails. Happily they don't take long to see results!A Little About The Nail

Nails are made from a protein called keratin, which is essentially dead skin cells (we know...) When we talk about nails we really mean the nail plate ie the hard, top part we can touch. Underneath is the nail bed, which includes the growing part of the nail.

Most people believe that nails aren't permeable but actually that's not true! Nails are more permeable than the skin and you may find certain cosmetics or nail colours have an effect on your health after contact with the nail. The good news is this means treatments applied to the nail can and do have a very real effect on their health. Nails can also dry out (just like your skin) so a regular moisturiser will help. Dedicated nail oils are ideal but you can use olive or jojoba oil if that's to hand.

Dr LeWinn's Renunail 3 Step Regime

Dr Lewinns Renunail 3 Step Strengthening Weak Nails
If we can recommend any product or treatment to you for strengthening weak nails, this is the one. Renunail has been a best seller for longer than we can remember and here's the reason why: it works! Fortified with calcium, Renunail is a strengthening nail treatment that's applied daily like a nail polish, for a period of 4 weeks, resulting in stronger, longer nails. For best results use the 3 step routine or, if preferred, you can buy Renunail by itself. Step one of the regime is to apply the strengthening solution every day for 4 weeks (remove the product every 7th day as a rest period). After this time you should apply Renunail Nude Nail Strengthener as a nail colour to maintain your healthy nails. The nourishing oil should be used as often as needed to keep nails and cuticles soft and moisturised. You can actually use the Renunail strengthener as a base coat under your usual nail colour to keep the results going.

The 'No Routine' Nail Strengthener
strengthening weak nails Mavala
If a routine isn't your thing then don't despair. Strengthening weak nails can be done with a single product. Try Mavala Nail Care Scientifique Nail Hardener. This product actually penetrates the nail and strengthens the nail bed, perfect for those who have nails ravaged by false nails or nail glue. Remember, the nail is porous so the product won't just sit on the surface, it will sink deep into the lower layers. Application is twice a week until nails are back to their former glory. Mavala nail hardener is a great product for men suffering from weak nails.


Tips For Nail Health
  1. Never ever ever pull off artificial nails! Always soak them off or use a recommended remover
  2. Give your nails a rest. Let them be polish or tip free every few weeks
  3. Keep nails well moisturised - rub oil into bare nails using a cotton bud (an ideal time is whilst watching tv!), or just use your regular hand cream
  4. Keep nails trimmed and filed. There's less chance they'll split plus risk of bacterial infection is reduced
  5. Use gloves! Especially when using hot water or cleaning products...
strengthening weak nails  strengthening weak nails  strengthening weak nails
Extra-mild nail polish remover such as this acetone free one from Mavala will help prevent nails from drying out. Prevention is better than cure - this nail shield duo from Mavala is a powerful nail protector that keeps them strong and able to resist daily tasks.  Crystal ('glass') nail files are the best - they last forever, all you need to do is wash them! Plus they're safe to carry onboard planes thanks to their rounded tips.
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