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How To Tips From Georgia

How To Tips From Georgia
Writer and expert4 years ago
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About Georgia

I’ve been a beauty therapist for 22 years. After training in Chichester, I moved along the coast to Brighton and ran a salon there for over 10 years. I moved back to Guernsey 12 years ago and after having some time out to have a family, I started working for allbeauty. I’ve been with the company for 7 years and work as a therapist as well as managing the salon. I feel my experience with clients over the years of being a therapist has helped me to manage the salon effectively and it's something I really enjoy doing. I specialise in threading and facial treatments in particular, Guinot Hydradermie.

Home Manicure

Our poor hands have suffered so much recently with all of the extra hand washing, so it’s so important to keep applying hand cream to stop them cracking and drying out.A great little trick to do at home is the equivalent of a deluxe manicure that we would do in the salon. You will need:1) Two small hand towels2) Cling film3) Cuticle oil or equivalent4) Small microwaveable pot5) Rich hand cream6) Hot water bottle7) Nail varnish remover8) Strengthening/repairing base coat

Morrocanoil Body Oil is great for this, but alternatively, if you don’t have a cuticle oil you could use olive oil, almond oil or even baby oil!

For the hand cream, my personal recommendations would be Caudalie Hand and Nail Cream, or for extra dry hands, L’Occitane Extensive Hand Balm.

1) Very carefully heat the oil in a small pot in the microwave2) Apply a thin layer to each cuticle and the fingers and then apply the hand cream all over the front and backs of the hands3) Wrap each hand in cling film4) Then place the other towel over the top5) The hot water bottle can then be placed over the top of the hands. This step really helps warm the hands and opens the pores so the products can start to work6) Leave this on for 10 minutes7) Carefully remove the cling film and then massage any remaining oil and hand cream into the skin8) Remove any residue cream/oil from the nails with a nail varnish removerThere you have it - a deluxe manicure to keep you going whilst away from the salon! 


Rest and Relaxation Spa Time

So now we have no excuse not to do that home body care that we are always putting off due to a lack of time! From running around between work and children’s activities, making dinners, doing the housework and having to think of great school lunch box ideas late at night, I for one will be making the most of a moment to myself!

So light some candles, run yourself a lovely deep bath and add some Dead Sea salts, Epsom salts, pink Himalayan salts or whatever you have in your bathroom. For an extra touch, you can also add to this some aromatherapy oils such as Lavender, Geranium, Rosemary or Sandalwood. 

Before you get in, try some dry body brushing in upwards strokes to stimulate blood supply and to help with lymphatic drainage. Next use a body exfoliator on dry skin before getting into the bath. You get a much better exfoliation if your skin is dry, as not so much of the exfoliator dissolves. I recommend the Guinot Paris Gommage Facile body scrub or Decléor’s Green Mandarin scrub masque.  You can add a little body oil to it so you get a better sliding motion and to make sure it doesn’t scratch the skin. By now, your skin should be feeling tingly and there will be a slight erythema - that’s redness of the skin!

Time to gently get into the bath and have that well deserved soak. And breathe!!!!

If you can, stay in there for about 15/20 mins to really let the Dead Sea salts activate and help you relax.

When getting out of the bath, be very careful not to slip, as you have used oils.Now gently pat your skin dry and apply your favourite body lotion, soufflé, body butter or oil. See some of my personal favourites below :

1. Caudalie Divine Oil2.L’Occitane Almond Oil3.Shu Uemura Camellia Universal Balm for hair and body4.Guinot body moisturiser5.Moroccanoil Body SouffléWhat is an extra luxurious touch - and so good for your skin - is to apply a thin layer of body oil first, let it absorb slightly and then apply your moisturiser over the top. Don’t forget feet, ankles, and knees as they all need to be included in this nourishing ritual.If you don’t have a bath you can do exactly the same as above, but then get into a lovely warm shower instead!

You will come out feeling energised and your skin will feel fabulous.If you are finding it hard to sleep at the moment, then this is a great routine to do before bed to help you relax and sleep - but definitely make sure you use calming products like Lavender or Chamomile!
Writer and expert
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