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Christmas Nail Ideas

Christmas Nail Ideas
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Looking for a way to elevate your office or weekend outfit to embrace the Christmas spirit? Christmas nail design is the perfect solution. Whether you want to add a splash of colour, a hint of glitter or some decorative nail art, we’ve collated the best and most unique designs which really spread the Christmas cheer.

Simple Christmas nails

For an easy and simple design, grab a green and red vanish and paint your nails in alternating colours of the classic Christmas shades. This NAILS.INC red polish is the perfect red hue to complement a traditional, strong green colour. Or if that’s too eccentric and you’re seeking an understated look then keep it classy and go red all over. The beauty is in the simplicity.

Level up the timeless design with a coat of glitter or small white dots to mirror snow. And don’t forget your top coat too to protect.

Christmas nail art

There are hundreds of intricate designs and patterns you can choose from, from Christmas trees to Santa Claus’ hats—it all depends on your artistic ability and technique with the tools you have.

Christmas snowflake nail

Our favourite? The shimmering Christmas snowflake nail. First, select your base colour that is reminiscent of a snowy day, this blue & pink iridescent shimmer colour from the NAILS.INC Nail Polish Duo is the perfect palette to act as your canvas. Once dry, grab a toothpick and the white polish from the NAILS.INC French Manicure Set and it’s time to get creative. Start by painting a simple cross, then an ‘X’ over it for the basic snowflake structure. Then add small ‘V’ shapes at the end of each line to mimic the branches of a snowflake. Don’t forget to seal your artwork with a top coat for that long-lasting finish over the busy Christmas season.

Candy cane nails

If you want to embrace the sweet side of the Christmas season, candy cane nails are the perfect way to start. The traditional cane is known for its vibrant red and crisp white stripes, but there are always ways to think outside the box with different shades of red or shimmering metallics.

Start with two coats of ‘You’re My Sol Mate’ white polish from the NAILS.INC Made In Mykonos — the gloss of the formula will make the stripes pop. Then for a unique twist, grab the NAILS.INC Kensington High Street shade, and either striping tape or a fine brush to achieve those perfect straight lines. The deep berry shade enhances the authentic candy cane look, as well as capturing the trending colour of the moment. Pair with your favourite leather or trench coat for the ultimate winter ensemble.

Christmas french tips

The French manicure is a timeless classic, but when December rolls around, it’s time to embrace the season and add a festive touch—a gold sparkly touch! Begin by prepping your nails as you would for any manicure — clean, buff and shape them to your desired style. Use the nail file, clippers and cuticle cream from the Cath Kidston The Artist’s Kingdom Nail Care Kit for the ultimate at-home nail care experience.

For the perfect French tip, paint your nails with the NAILS.INC Gel Effect Nail Polish Mayfair Lane, this soft pink shade will give your nails a glossy, healthy look. Once dried, use the silicone tip tool from the NAILS.INC French Manicure Set to help you create the perfect moon shape tip. To add your Christmas spirit, paint a layer of ‘Sugar Lane’ from the NAILS.INC Nail Polish Quad Cute But Cookie set on the silicone tip tool. Whilst wet dip your nail in at a 45-degree angle and push down until you reach the end of the nail tip to complete the french tip. I bet you never thought a sparkly gold French manicure could be this easy!

This is perfect to elevate your festive party season look, so don’t forget to finish it off with the NAILS.INC 45 Second Top Coat for that glossy, high shine and to seal the design all night long.

How to strengthen nails

Although the Christmas season brings people together, it also means the beginning of the colder months, which can be tough on our nails. Between the winds, frosty air and endless washing up after festive get-togethers, it’s essential to fortify your nails—and you don’t want your Christmas nail design to go to waste!

We recommend the Mavala Nail Care Scientifique K+ Nail Hardener, which hardens the nail plate and bonds the layers of the nail together to prevent it from splitting or breaking. The excellent formula should be applied twice a week to clean nails until your nails become noticeably stronger. Protect your nails for the festive period and into the New Year.

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