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Spring Hygge or How To Enjoy Bad Weather

Spring Hygge or How To Enjoy Bad Weather
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With the weather still up and down, now is the perfect time for some spring hygge!

Don't despair if the weather is glum, turn a negative into a positive with our easy spring hygge (say "hoo-ga") tips. Here's how to bring that warm, cosy feeling back into your home.

Commit to reading again

Lots of us love to read but it's an easy hobby to put aside - go to the library or download an easy read and commit to 20 mins a day (bedtime is perfect). Nothing takes you out of yourself like reading a book - go on, it's wonderful.

Declutter and go minimal

We know it's easier said than done, but clear home = clear mind. If you find it tough to let go, we highly recommend Marie Kondo's famous guide that not only gives you great tips, but permission to just let all that stuff go.

Get out the spa products

We know you have plenty (we do too!) so now's the time. Maybe the cold has dried out your skin, or your hair is really suffering from frizz? Or it could be as simple as soaking your feet in some warm water, infused with a herbal tea bag.

Fall in love with your home again

If home has just become a place to eat and sleep, it's time to make it yours again. Get inspo from sites like Apartment Therapy or set up a Pinterest board so you can snuggle up and pin the home of your dreams. Dreaming is free, so escape to another world now and again.

Scent your room

Somewhere in your home, we know you have a scented candle (or 4). Or incense sticks, a diffuser, a room spray... Room scent really lifts your mood, don't overlook it. Put them on display when they aren't in use.

Make cleaning an art

Now bear with us, because we love cleaning - seriously! It doesn't have to be a horrible job, it can be something you genuinely love - there's real satisfaction in making your home welcoming and a safe place for your family. A big part is being organised - get online and find some lovely cleaning supplies or make your own cleaning caddy (head to Pinterest for some low cost ideas).

Pin yourself cosy

Staying on a theme, we're huge fans of Pinterest, and an easy way to create some hygge of your own is to set up a board on a theme you love. It could be gothic castles, secret gardens, Meditteranean mansions - anything that makes you feel relaxed, happy and dreamlike. You can even keep your board secret.

Turn up the lights

Fairy lights are for any time of year - no judgment here! Hang them up in your bedroom or put them in the hall, anywhere you can see them twinkling away...

Connect to the world

No we don't mean online, get offline for this one and sign up to a service like Postcrossing where you can actually connect with real people all over the world. There's nothing like coming home to a card or a packet from thousands of miles away, not to mention the joy of actually writing to a real person.

Tell us your spring hygge tips in the comments, because we'd love to hear them!
Writer and expert
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