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What To Do When You Can’t Go Out

What To Do When You Can’t Go Out
Writer and expert4 years ago
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In these “uncertain times”, many of us are going to find staying-in our new normal. For some, this will mean uninterrupted boxsets and taking the odd conference call in our pyjamas, for others, it will involve wrangling kids and moody teenagers who have severe cases of cabin-fever - some days, it may be a combination of all of the above. But whatever “isolation” looks like for you, it doesn’t have to be a total downer. If you look hard enough, you might just find a silver lining to this whole terrible business; time spent at home can give you the opportunity to do those things you haven’t found the time to get around to. And while we can’t give you any advice on gardening or redecorating, we can share some health and beauty products that might just take the edge off a long day.

Put Your Feet Up With A Foot Peel

If you haven’t tried one of these bad boys yet, let me tell you… there is nothing more satisfying than a good foot peel. Usually, the downside is that you have to plan it just right because your feet start peeling ‘at some point’ during the week after your treatment. Swimming pools? Out. Sandals? Out. You’ll be wanting to keep all eyes away from your feet until the dust has well and truly settled, so to speak. Of course, this makes it the perfect treatment to do when you’re guaranteed not to be leaving the house for a lengthy period. And as a bonus, it doubles as entertainment if you’re a “peeler” (think, PVA glue on your hand at school) - you’re welcome.Baby Foot Exfoliation Foot Peel (Save 25%)Our Price: £11.20

Get A Head Start on Summer

Fingers crossed, we’ll all be back in the great outdoors this summer, so why not take off your winter coat? From IPL systems and epilators to razors and tweezers, we have everything you need to wave goodbye to body hair. While you’re at it, why not channel summertime-vibes by using a gradual-tanning cream, bringing a touch of colour to your newly smooth skin. 

Decleor Neroli BigaradeGradual Glow Face & Body 400ml (Save 45%)

Our Price: £24.95

Fight The Inevitable Wrinkles

Whether it’s the pressures of working from home, the overarching worry about loved ones or the incessant declarations of “I’m bored” from a child who will. not. leave. you. alone - we’re all likely to gain a few fine lines over the coming weeks. As luck would have it, we’ve got just the thing for that!From Philosophy, The Microdelivery Resurfacing Peel is a two-step peel that uses resurfacing crystals to buff away the outermost layer of dull skin, and a combination of lactic and salicylic acid to exfoliate at a cellular level. Usually, after this type of treatment, you’d protect your skin from the sun by slathering on a high SPF face cream, but with circumstances being as they are, you may as well just stay indoors and enjoy a hydrating mask instead - your skin will thank you!

philosophyThe Microdelivery Resurfacing Peel KitRRP £59.50 (Save 20%)

Our Price: £47.60

Master A New Makeup Look

Why not make the most of being away from prying eyes by trying out some new makeup techniques. Always wanted to try contouring but never had the time? Now’s the time for a Youtube tutorial and the Jane Iredale Contour Kit. Toyed with the idea of using eyeshadow to bring a pop of colour to your usual makeup? Try the Makeup Addiction Sinful Eyes Palette. From winged eyeliner to a daring red lip, now is the time to experiment.

Makeup AddictionEyeshadow Palettes Sinful Eyes PaletteRRP £35.00 (Save 36%)

Our Price: £22.25However you choose to spend this time, it’s important that as well as caring for those around you, you remember to look after your own wellbeing. After all, you can’t pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourselves readers.The allbeauty team.
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