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The Flawless Finish of Holly Willoughby

The Flawless Finish of Holly Willoughby
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When it comes to iconic British beauties, Holly Willoughby is this century’s pinup girl. With her radiant personality, infectious laugh and flawless beauty, she’s not just a heartthrob; she’s also the sort of gal you can picture sharing a bottle of vino with.

And, when it comes to makeup, Holly gets it right every time. With women all over the country eager to replicate her age-defying glow, we’re lifting the lid on how to achieve Holly’s flawless finish.

A Star Is Born

Born in 1981, Holly spent her formative years growing up in Brighton with her mum, dad and sister Kelly. With a passion for acting and performing, Holly got her first break in 1995 when she was spotted by talent scouts and signed with a model agency at just 14 years old.

Becoming A Household Name

From her first TV role on S Club TV, Holly climbed the ranks of the small screen, with her charm and grace securing her various positions in children's television and went on to win a BAFTA Children’s Award. She then transitioned into prime time television, presenting shows including Dancing On Ice, ITV’s This Morning and The Voice.

The Nation’s Sweetheart

With her contagious smile and down to earth nature, Holly has cemented herself as Britain’s favourite girl-next-door. Candidly sharing the challenges of being a mother of three while working full time, she represents so many modern women and does it while looking drop-dead-gorgeous. And, with her new show, Take Away, set to air later in 2021, Holly continues to prove that the sky’s the limit.

Get The Look : Holly’s Flawless Finish

Holly is the first to admit that getting camera-ready is a lot easier when you have an award-winning makeup artist at your disposal. Thankfully her MUA, Patsy O’Neill, shares a lot of tips and recommendations on social media, so you too can get that fabulous flawless finish by following her techniques.

What you’ll need to achieve Holly’s air-brushed look:


The single best thing you can do to achieve a flawless finish is to choose your foundation wisely. Not only should you pick a tone that is a close match to your natural colouring, but you should also make sure it's right for your complexion. Holly says that foundation is one product she prefers to pay a little more for, not only for a better finish but as a treat to herself. She has also shared that she likes foundations that include silicone (a popular ingredient in primer), as it helps the colour slide over the skin and disguises blemishes.

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Prefer lighter coverage? Replace your foundation with a BB cream or tinted moisturiser.


For the best part of a decade, Holly has hosted a breakfast show four mornings a week while also raising babies. Concealer is the #1 reason she manages to look so bright-eyed after all those sleepless nights.

When choosing a concealer, match your skin tone if you’ll be using it on blemishes, or go one shade lighter for your under-eye area - any more, and you’ll lose that even colour that helps to make Holly look so natural.


When it comes to applicators, there’s no right or wrong. While Holly’s makeup artist, Patsy O'Neill, applies Holly’s liquid foundation with a cosmetic brush, you can also achieve an excellent finish using your fingers or a sponge.

• Brush - While there are an array of brushes you can use to apply foundation, a dense kabuki brush will help create an airbrushed finish. Dot the foundation on your cheeks, nose, forehead and chin, then blend outwards with your brush.

• Fingers -The great thing about applying your foundation with your fingers (other than there being less clean up) is that your body’s heat warms the product, helping it blend easier with the skin. Ensure you clean your hands thoroughly before applying to ensure you’re not introducing bacteria onto the skin, then apply from the centre of the face outwards.

• Sponge - Ideal for drier skin types that are prone to flaking when brushed, a sponge blender is another great way to apply foundation evenly. Using a damp sponge, apply in your foundation in a stippling motion, lightning pressing it into the skin. Finish with setting powder to keep your foundation in place and stop it from settling into any fine lines. And there we have it, Holly’s Flawless Finish.

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