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How To Grow A Beard With Percy Nobleman

How To Grow A Beard With Percy Nobleman
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We went to shaving and grooming guys Percy Nobleman for expert advice on how to grow a beard.

how to grow a beard
Knowing how to grow a beard is important if you've decided to take the plunge - nobody wants to spend weeks looking like an unpruned hedge! Here are top tips from Percy Nobleman on the best way to go about it...

So is there a secret formula? Truth is, it’s all about patience, dedication, know-how and, of course, the right products. And genetics do play a part - unfortunately guys, some things in life are just unattainable. But if you follow the tips below, we may be able to overcome the worst our genes can do for us!

How To Grow A Beard - Patience

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and beard growth takes some time. Try to focus on each step of your progress without getting yourself worked up about getting to the end goal within a month or so. Growing a beard is a commitment and one you should take pleasure in committing yourself to.

How To Grow A Beard - Invest In A Beard Trimmer

This may sound counter-intuitive but in the early stages regular trims will actually promote growth and keep your beard tidy and even-looking. You can use the smallest setting around the sides, moustache and sideburns to give your beard some shape. The best advice at this stage is to practice trimming as much as possible. It gets a lot harder the longer your beard is, and of course, you have more to lose then! As it grows, make the switch to some scissors, or a trip to your local barbershop. Beard trims are always reasonable (and it’s important to support local business).

How To Grow A Beard - Grooming

Don’t over-indulge. It’s tempting to get carried away when your beard is beginning to get to the length where you can apply oils and balms, but key advice here is ‘don’t overdo it’. Let the skin breathe and don't smother it in products.

How To Grow A Beard - Nutrition

If you’re really serious about growing the perfect beard then you’ll want to maintain a healthy balanced diet. Vitamins and nutrients that promote healthy hair growth are Zinc, Biotin and Selenium as well essential amino acids, essential fatty acids and Vitamins D3, C and B12. So eat well or take a supplement and of course drink plenty of water and get regular sleep!

Thanks to Percy Nobleman for their tips - you can shop the range online at allbeauty here.  Not sure if you want to take the plunge? Then check out the best way to shave here.

Writer and expert
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