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Happy 90th Birthday Weleda Skin Food!

Happy 90th Birthday Weleda Skin Food!
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Incredible but true: Weleda Skin Food was introduced in 1926 and in 2016 celebrates its 90th year as an iconic beauty classic.

Well known for being a favourite of models and make-up artists, including Adele, Victoria Beckham, Julia Roberts, Behati Prinsloo, Alexa Chung, Rihanna (the list goes on!)  this eco balm soothes and comforts skin all over the body, from dry and rough hands to sore, stressed faces.

This deep-penetrating cream contains organic plant extracts, fine plant oils and waxes known for their richness and gentleness. The refreshing fragrance is from pure essential oils including sweet orange and lavandulae, with no artificial preservatives or parabens. All these ingredients are enveloped in a nourishing, smoothing base of organic almond oil and sunflower oil, organic beeswax and the purest, protective hypoallergenic lanolin. It’s a dry skin dream!

Model Erin O’Connor keeps it on standby in her handbag: “My absolute MUST is Weleda Skin Food which I apply all over my body! It smells so fresh and uplifting too and I never leave the house without it”.

Suitable for vegetarians, Skin Food comes in a recyclable aluminium tube - green in more ways than one. But did you know these Skin Food facts?

★ Skin Food is Weleda’s No.1 skincare product in the UK.

★ A pack of Skin Food is sold every 30 seconds.

★ Skin Food has won 23 awards in the past decade in the UK alone.

★ There are 3 sizes of Weleda Skin Food, reflecting the demand for this multi-tasking product.

★ The 75ml pack has been around for decades.

★ The 30ml tube was initially introduced in the UK in 2009 as a limited edition size but proved too successful to lose.

★ The 10ml mini size was introduced for sampling in 2012 but proved so popular for use in-flight it now available to buy!

★ Skin Food is available in over 4,000 outlets in the UK.

★ 1,000% more packs of Skin Food were sold in the UK in 2015 than in 2007.

★ The ingredients are 100% natural (NATRUE certified).

Gary Harvey created a one-of-a-kind couture outfit made from recycled Weleda Skin Food packaging. Photo: via Pinterest:Here are the ingredients that make up Weleda Skin Food:Chamomile Flower Extract

The flowers of this plant possess gentle healing and anti-inflammatory properties. In skin care products it is often paired with Calendula, the combination having a soothing, calming effect.

Wild Pansy Extract

The tiny Viola tricolor is particularly good for rough or cracked skin, and helps keep skin soft and supple. It is gathered from the wild in the Czech republic (by certified collection).

Calendula Flower Extract

For centuries Calendula has been known for its soothing and healing effects irritated or inflamed skin. It has anti-bacterial properties, protecting the skin from infection.

Rosemary Leaf Extract

Known for its revitalising, stimulating action, Rosemary is traditionally used for its restorative and tonic properties. Great to perk up a pasty complexion.

As Weleda’s Jasper van Brakel commented: “Sometimes the coolest trendsetting products are not the latest and newest fad, hip today and old news tomorrow. Sometimes old is the new new!

To buy Weleda Skin Food online with worldwide delivery SHOP are authorised resellers of this famous brand.Prices correct at the time of publish.

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