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Get The Look: Modern Day Bardot

Get The Look: Modern Day Bardot
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The ‘Bardot’ look isn’t new but it’s a trend that’s morphed into a modern classic. takes you through this simple but striking look, that’s perfect for day or night.

 Kate Winslet - Harper's Bazaar - 2013 Makeup by Lisa Eldridge

From Claudia Schiffer in the 90s to Amy Winehouse and Kates’ Moss and Winslet, the modern day Bardot look has been regularly channelled by Stylistas and is here to stay. It’s a look for all ages, to be worn day or night.

  • Makeup:

The eyes have it 100% with the statement black wing - this can make be tricky for anyone with hooded eyes, but we’ve come to the rescue with this fantastic tutorialshowing you how to adapt the wing, if hooded eyes are your bete noire. The rest of the face is kept fresh and neutral making it especially good for daytime/work/warmer climates. We adore this makeup tutorial from Lisa Eldridge which takes you through the makeup step by step:

Lisa Eldridge ‘Baby Bardot’ makeup tutorialIf you generally struggle with winged liner and are thinking this isn’t your thing, then hold on! The following tutorial is a foolproof technique you’re going to love >

Get the look with this ** Chanel Ecriture Eyeliner Pen** that uses a felt-tip point for easy application:

  • Hair

On to hair now and of course the trademark beehive goes hand in hand with this look. A simple nod to the beehive is all you actually need, but if you fancy a go at the real thing this Bardot beehive is the tute for you). A simple half-do works well for most occasions and is there anything simpler than this cute Pin? >

 Pretty Simple Wedding Hairstyles Tutorial for Long Hair: Ribbon Half Updo

If you’re unsure which products to use this Label M Bardot Beehive set, created especially for London Fashion Week, contains products, accessories and instructions to have you styled like a Pro:

We hope you enjoyed this #TransformationTuesday and are inspired to try a new look. Don’t forget to tag @allbeautyhq in your Instagram pics or send us your favourite Bardot Pins @allbeautypins.

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Writer and expert
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