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Father’s Day Ideas: DIY Spa Day

Father’s Day Ideas: DIY Spa Day
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Is Father’s Day just another day in your calendar? Let’s face it, when your children are young, it falls squarely on you to plan the Father’s Day proceedings, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a chore. In fact, you can have your cake and eat it too with a couple’s pamper session. He might not feel comfortable at the local day spa, but that doesn’t mean he can’t enjoy the VIP treatment. Try these tips for creating a luxurious DIY Spa Day from the comfort of home. For best results, show him how each treatment is done first and then encourage him to return the favour.

A Sensory Experience

From the moment you step into a spa, you’re met with the wonderful fragrance of essential oils. Lavender, chamomile and ylang-ylang are just a few of the scents you’ll often find wafting through the air; naturally soothing to help the body and mind sink further into relaxation.  

While pure essential oils are fantastic for adding to your bath or a mist diffuser,  they’re also wonderful when enjoyed as part of a scented candle. Brands like Neom Organics London and Aromatherapy Associates are two particularly good choices for home spa scents. If you’re looking for something with more of a masculine profile, explore scented candles designed specifically for men.

Relaxing Music

Add to the atmosphere you’re beginning to create by choosing relaxing music that adds to the ambience. When it comes to a spa soundtrack, you’ll be spoiled for choice using a platform like Spotify, so pick out something he will enjoy. 

From classical music to white noise, instrumental jazz to chanting monks, there’s a wide range of genres to choose from. There’s even an album called Time For Men’s Relaxation - it doesn’t get much more on the nose than that.

A Deep Clean

Before getting started on any of the treatments you have planned, get his skin prepped to ensure it feels the maximum benefit. Treat him to a body scrub that helps to buff away that dull, dry skin and reveals healthy, glowing skin beneath. Once he’s experienced the difference for himself, there’ll be no turning back. 

Next, follow with a facial cleanser to help give you a blank canvas to work with. For men with facial hair, the Foreo LUNA Fofo makes a great addition, helping to create more lather and cleanse deeper within the beard or moustache.

The Ultimate At-Home Facial

You’ve done all the prep; now it’s time for the fun stuff—starting with a full facial treatment. Depending on your budget, you may choose to use your own skincare products or treat him to a selection of his own. Keep in mind that he’s more likely to continue the skincare routine beyond Father’s Day if he has his own products, so it may well be worth the investment. 

Begin with a quality exfoliator to help clear away dead skin cells and clogged pores. Next, pick out a face mask that is specific to his skin type and will help combat any problem areas. Finally, moisturise his skin to help lock in all that nourishment and hydration. While there are a lot of additional steps you may choose to add to his facial, by keeping it simple, you’ll show him that maintaining a skincare routine is achievable more than just once a year. 

Masseuse Magic

Next, take your DIY spa to the next level with a neck and shoulder massage that stimulates blood flow, releases tension and soothes aching muscles. For an invigorating massage, look for an oil that contains a strong, aromatic fragrance—this Neals Yard Remedies Ginger Juniper Warming Oil is an ideal choice.  

Not sure how to give a good shoulder massage? Follow these tips:Before you get started, warm a coin-sized amount of oil between your hands. In general, it’s recommended to work from the middle-out and the top-down. With your hands in a “C” shape, work on one shoulder at a time, alternating between pressing with your thumbs and squeezing with your fingers. Focus on bringing the muscles upwards.  Next, flatten your hands and move on to the neck. Place one hand on top of the other and massage the muscles around the upper neck gently but deeply. Massage the muscles on either side of the neck rather than the bones. Make circles with your hands or softly press one location at a time. Starting at the top of the neck, go down the shoulder with your hands. To end the massage, use rhythmic downward strokes from the top of his shoulders toward his lower back.  

Foot Rub

Finally, end your spa day with a foot rub, using tho:e massage techniques to knead the soles of his feet. Use the same massage oil from earlier to help your thumbs glide over the skin and reduce friction. If he has particularly dry heels, you may want to follow the rub with a coat of heavy-duty foot cream, which will be designed specifically for thicker skin. 

After all of that, there’s only one thing left to do: order a takeaway and pour you both a tall glass of wine. You’ve earned it. 
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