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Benefit Concealer Matching

Benefit Concealer Matching
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Boi-ing Bright On ConcealerLike a nap in a snap!Our Bright On concealer is the perfect lightweight, silky-smooth undereye concealer that colour corrects dark circles and instantly illuminates skin, whilst its serum-like formula seals in skin hydration. With a sheer-medium, buildable coverage that applies and blends easily, this is perfect for everyday wear, leaving you ready to rule. Our magic ingredients are Red Algae Extract and Vitamin C derivative known to help visibly brighten skin as it is high in protein, vitamins and antioxidants. Paired with the colour correcting pigments that know to help hide dark circles.Application tip Apply using your ring finger as it helps active the key ingredients leaving you with maximum benefits, and a smooth finish. Available in 12 versatile shades.
  • Lychee is a light cool pink for blue/gray undereye discoloration
  • Nectarine is a light neutral yellow for purple/brown undereye discoloration
  • Cantaloupe is a light warm yellow for purple/brown undereye discoloration
  • Melon is a medium warm pink for blue/gray undereye discoloration
  • Ginger is a medium warm yellow for purple/brown undereye discoloration
  • Peach is a medium warm peach for blue/purple undereye discoloration
  • Almond is a medium cool pink for blue/gray undereye discoloration
  • Apricot is a deep neutral yellow for purple/brown undereye discoloration
  • Nutmeg is a deep peach for blue/purple undereye discoloration
  • Walnut is a deep tan-peach for blue/purple undereye discoloration
  • Hazelnut is a deeper tan-peach for deep brown/gray undereye discoloration
  • Clove is a deepest tan-peach for deep red undereye discoloration
Need a shade suggestion?We’ll point you in the bright direction!If you wear a fair/light concealer or Bo-ing Cakeless Concealer in shades 0.5 All Good fairest cool – 5 Feel Good light warm, try Lychee, Nectarine or Cantaloupe.If you wear a medium/tan concealer or Bo-ing Cakeless Concealer in shades 6 Fly High medium cool –9.25 Pep Talk tan golden, try Melon, Ginger, Peach, Almond or Apricot.If you wear a deep/dark concealer or Bo-ing Cakeless Concealer in shades 9.5 Power Up deep neutral –17 Your Way deepest-dark warm, try Nutmeg, Walnut, Hazelnut or Clove.Boi-ing Cakeless ConcealerBoi-ing Cakeless concealer is as delicious as it sounds!This multitasking, 24 hour longwear liquid concealer hides it all, reducing the appearance of blemishes, imperfections & discolouration. It's creamy full coverage formula means you only need to apply one layer for that perfect lightweight coverage without creasing or cracking – it's a piece of cake!Top tip Not only is our Cakless concealer perfect for concealing, but contour with a deeper shade and highlight with a lighter shade for a more sculpted look. Now available in 30 shades.0.5 All Good - Fairest Cool Undertone1 Amaze ‘Em - Fair Neutral Undertone2 Best Life - Fair Warm Undertone2.5 Big Mood - Fair Cool Undertone3 Bring It - Light Neutral Undertone4 Can’t Stop - Light Cool Undertone4.25 Carry On - Light-Medium Cool Undertone4.5 Do You - Light-Medium Neutral Undertone4.75 Dream Big - Light Golden Undertone5 Feel Good - Light Warm Undertone6 Fly High - Medium Cool Undertone6.25 Good Vibes - Medium Golden Undertone6.3 Got This - Medium-Olive Warm Undertone6.4 Happy Feels - Medium Olive Undertone6.5 In Charge - Medium Neutral Undertone7 Jump In - Medium Warm Undertone8 Keep On - Medium-Tan Cool Undertone8.25 Loves It - Medium-Tan Neutral Undertone8.5 Mic Drop - Medium-Tan Olive Undertone9 On Point - Medium-Tan Warm Undertone9.25 Pep Talk - Tan Golden Undertone9.5 Power Up - Deep Neutral Undertone10 Right On - Deep Warm Undertone11 Say Yes - Dark Neutral Undertone12 Shake It - Dark Warm Undertone13 Think Big - Deep-Dark Neutral Undertone14 Whole Mood - Dark Neutral Undertone15 Work It - Dark Cool Undertone16 You Rule - Deepest-Dark Cool Undertone17 Your Way - Deepest-Dark Warm UndertoneHELP! WHAT SHADE IS FOR ME?Worried about shade? What even is an undertone? Never fear, it’s much easier than you think – here are our top tips to help you find your dream match.Skin UndertoneYour undertone is the soft hue under the shade of your skin – you will either be cool, warm or neutral. Once determined you can then decide on shade using your undertone as a guide Bright On example – if you are fair skin with a cool undertone you would be Lychee. Medium skin with a cool undertone you would be Melon.You will notice the deeper the shade the less cool tones there are, this is because the deeper the skin shade the warmer the undertone usually is.There are many ways to establish your skins undertone; here are two of our favourite ways.The Vein Test Look at the veins on the inside of your wrist(s).If your veins appear blue or purple, you are a cool undertone. If they are green or greenish blue you have a warm undertone If it’s difficult to determine between the two, then you are most probably neutral. White Background Test Stand in front of a white background. If your skin appears more yellow against the background then you’re probably warm, if your skin looks pinkish then you are most probably cool.Colour CorrectingPeach tones – Peach works great to diminish blue/purple tones, fab for deeper skin tonesYellow tones – counteract redness so perfect for neutral tonesPink tones – Works best to hide blue/green, ideal for fair skin tones
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