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Party Season Tanning with TanOrganic **plus competition**

Party Season Tanning with TanOrganic **plus competition**
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Get the glow this party season with a gorgeous (fake!) tan. We spoke to all-natural tanning experts TanOrganic for their key tips. **Plus win a complete set of party season tanning products.

Meet TanOrganic, created in 2010 by Noelle O’Connor and quickly established in over 500 beauty salons. This party season get the glow with their range of award-winning, cruelty free self tan products.

party season tanningTan Organic Self Tan Lotion (pictured left) is an anti-ageing Aloe Vera based formula that’s intensely moisturising. With no synthetic ingredients (no parabens, colours or fragrances) it’s fully Eco-Certified and develops with no unpleasant aroma. Perfect for all skin types (even sensitive), the handy guide colour allows you to apply with ease, to develop a glowing, caramel shade. Want to go darker? Simple, just add a second layer. Each bottle contains enough for 5-6 applications and is suitable for anyone, including pregnant women.

A full range of supporting products are available, including dry oil to prep and maintain skin, self-tan oil for those wanting a more subtle tan, bronzer, tanning mitt and exfoliating glove. A beautiful, glowing tan can be achieved by using only TanOrganic products from start to finish, with no need to reach for any other brand.

party season glowWe spoke to Amanda @TanOrganic and posed 5 of your most asked party season tanning questions. **Keep reading for your chance to win a complete set of products!
 Q. I have a big event coming up - when do I need to start thinking about my tan?  A. You need to begin prepping your skin at the beginning of the week - with light exfoliation followed by moisturising. It is really important to have smooth skin before application, not only for a silky finish but to allow the product to last as long as possible too with a really nice fade off period.
 Q. What kind of preparation should I make? Does winter skin need a different approach?  A. Exfoliation is key. It involves the removal of the oldest skin cells that lie on skin's outermost surface. It leaves the skin supple and soft for moisturising and tanning. The same routine can be used all year round and the beauty of using TanOrganic products is the natural elements meaning there are no parabens, synthetics or drying agents that damage your skin - TanOrganic’s products actively nourish and moisturise your skin.
 Q. Should I aim for the same depth of colour as a summer tan? A. The depth of the colour will depend on your skin tone and your preference. TanOrganic aims to provide a natural sun kissed glow. A lot of users like adding one layer during the week, with an additional layer for the weekend or an occasion. The key to using our products is all in the layering - you can add up to three layers if a deeper colour is desired BUT less is more when it comes to using our products so layer lightly each time.
 Q. I use a lot of skin creams in the winter to repair summer damage. Will these affect my tan? A. Skin creams might affect your tan depending on the ingredients, that’s why we felt the need to add a Multi Use Dry Oil to our range to ensure the correct prep before tanning and correct moisturising during tanning to prolong the colour and afterwards. If using products we would always recommend natural products to avoid drying your skin further.
 Q. How can I keep my tan going for the whole party season? A. You can keep your tan going strong by following a really good routine - prepping, applying, enhancing and maintaining ?
 Q. I’m having a professional spray tan but I'm hoping to keep the glow - can I use a home product to top up?  A. Of course, this is the most important aspect of tanning - maintaining a good glow even after having a professional spray! At home products can almost be better because you get to choose the colour you desire. Sometimes salon sprays can be quite dark - they've provided us with endless funny stories and photos over the year, not to mention scared some people into never tanning again!
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