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allbeauty How To: Braids

allbeauty How To: Braids
Writer and expert3 years ago
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The advance of the Summer months calls for mermaid waves and beachy braids. From basic braids to more complicated numbers such as the Fishtail, there are so many intricate ways in which you can plait or braid your hair. Typically created by interlacing strands of hair, the most basic start at three strands of hair.

If you ever wondered how to upgrade your plait, then wonder no more, for the allbeauty Southampton salon has compiled together all the details you need to know to create three basic looks.

So whether you’re working from home, hitting a golden shore near you or simply needing to keep your hair away from your face in style, you’re sure to find a plait to accompany you on your summer style adventures.


This cute plait is named after our very own Phoebe, the super-talented therapist at the allbeauty Salon who put all these looks together.

1. Section your hair into two side ponytails and secure each with covered hair bands.

2.  Secure the front ponytail in small sections using more covered hair bands, all the way down to the ends.

3. Take the top section and pull apart to form a gap.

4.Pull the back ponytail through this gap to the front and separate that into two sections.

5. Pull the next section down on the front apart and then pull the two sections of the back pony from the back through this gap. Continue in this way down all the sections and secure at the end with a band.


There was always one girl in the playground who knew who to fishtail and could flex serious bragging rights as a result. Thanks to Phoebe’s lookbook, let the fishtail be a mystery no longer. This braid may look like it’s impossibly intricate (and that’s part of its allure) but it’s actually quite easy.

The fishtail is similar to a French braid but whilst a French braid uses three strands of hair, the fish tail uses two. It doesn’t start at the top of your head and you’ll see that Phoebe’s version takes it off to the side of your head - so you can fully model it in selfies and video calls.

1. Section your hair into two parts.

2. Take a piece from the back of the first section and add to the second section.

3. Repeat this from the second section to the first section.

4. Continue overlapping sections in this way as you start to see the fishtail pattern appear.

5. Continue in this way all the way down the hair sections.

6. Secure the braid with a covered hair elastic at the base of the sections.

The Cover Up

1. Pull your hair into a basic high ponytail.

2. Take a small section of the ponytail.

3. Braid this small section into a small plait.

4. Wrap around the ponytail band and use a pin to secure at the base of the ponytail.

There you have it – three simple ways to craft a stylish braided look. As always, be sure to have your dry shampoo to hand if you need your hair to have a bit more structure and oomph to plait with. One of the best parts about plaits of course, is the wavy effect it gives to your strands when you undo them. If waves are your thing, make sure to check out all Summer Beauty hair care here.

Writer and expert
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