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New Year Beauty Tips – How To Stay Glam Until Midnight

New Year Beauty Tips – How To Stay Glam Until Midnight
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With 2017 around the corner, we've come up with New Year beauty tips to help your look last, til Midnight and beyond.

Think you have your beauty regime down pat? We've come up with some New Year beauty tips that you may have forgotten, to help your look last all night.

New Year Beauty Tips - Hair

Going sleek and straight? Keeping your look is all about preparation. We spoke to Paul Mitchell stylist Vicky Panting who told us "it all depends on the foundation you lay for your hair. Starting the prep from your shampoo and conditioner helps. Always finish with a great hair spray." Vicky recommends Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Mirrorsmooth® High Gloss Primer for keeping the hair smooth and frizz free and Hold Me Tight™ hairspray.

Going curly? Choose a foundation product that will hold the curl, such as TIGI Catwalk Strong Hold Mousse, and apply whilst hair is damp. Don't forget to clip the curls and allow them to cool for at least 30 minutes before finishing. The cooling period is key to holding your look. Finish with a strong hold spray that also allows movement. We really like TIGI Bed Head Foxy Curls Hi Definition Curl Spray.

New Year Beauty Tips - Makeup

Panda eyes? Don't skip the primer! Apply it all around the eye using a brush (see our GIF below) including over the tear duct. Use waterproof makeup for added grip and don't forget to set your makeup under the eye with setting powder. For more advice, see our dedicated post on Panda Eyes here.

TIP:worried about under-eye creasing? Apply your foundation up to the eye socket but no further. Having only concealer under the eye, and therefore only one layer of product, means far less chance of creasing. Also, make sure your skin is well moisturised before you apply your makeup.

Don't shine too much! Shiny, oily skin, is your biggest enemy when it comes to keeping your face on. Carry a book of blotting papers in your handbag to keep everything under control. Stay away from adding powder, you'll just end up with a cakey look.TIP: don't have any blotting paper? You can improvise with coffee filters or tissue paper, cut into rectangles.

New Year Beauty Tips - Fragrance

How to keep your signature scent If you need to re-apply scent to keep it fresh, there are better ways to stay fragrant all night. Layering means you apply scent in various ways to keep it on the body. So start by spritzing your perfume into bath water. Afterwards, apply the matching body lotion if you have it (if not, spritz 2 pumps of fragrance into some unscented body lotion, mix, then apply). Finally, apply fragrance as usual. You may want to take an atomiser with you to apply once again before Midnight. For more info, see the allbeauty guide to applying perfume.

wearing perfume

New Year Beauty Tips - Body Care

Get super-smooth pins Daring to bare? Get super-smooth legs by shaving with leftover shampoo or conditioner. Not only will you get a close, smooth finish (with minimal nicks), you'll have soft, smooth legs and underarms.TIP: applying fake tan? See our guide to fake tan, by experts Tan Organic.

Whatever your plans for New Year 2017, we hope you see the New Year in, in style!

Writer and expert
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