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About Alma K: Naturally based skin care products from the Dead Sea

About Alma K: Naturally based skin care products from the Dead Sea
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We tell you everything about Alma K, the newest brand at allbeauty, based on Dead Sea minerals.

About Alma K: made in Israel near the Dead Sea, Alma K skincare products are nature-based and don't contain any parabens, mineral oil or paraffin.

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Feed the skin, pamper the soul: situated at the lowest point on Earth, the Dead Sea contains a combination of 21 unique minerals making it the world's most famous natural spa. Its nourishing rich minerals are renowned the world over; Dead Sea black mud is particularly rich in these organic minerals, which are known for their rapid absorption by the skin. Amongst many benefits, they help energise blood flow, regulate sebum and cleanse impurities, while Dead Sea salt is known for its purifying and exfoliating properties.

Alma K has harnessed the power of the minerals by blending them uniquely with salts, water, pure herbal extracts and natural plant oils. The result is a skin enriching formula that both moisturises and soothes. The Alma K system is a 3 step daily routine of purify, hydrate and relax, that brings a spa-like experience into the home.

Every Alma K jar is a complete world of rejuvenation and relaxation, designed to release the beauty of your skin and to create the perfect personal home spa.

Dead Sea Minerals are well known for their powerful and proven skin-rejuvenating benefits. In particular, the minerals are known to reduce dryness and inflammation, improve skin elasticity and firmness, minimise pores and calm redness, replenish lost hydration and minimise the appearance of fine lines.

In addition to the Dead Sea Minerals, Alma K products include the following active ingredients, selected for their skin-supporting ingredients.

Natural plant oils – avocado, olive, sweet almond, grape seed, evening primrose, argan, sesame, sunflower seed, jojoba, borage seed, rosehip, calendula, peppermint, lemongrass

Natural plant extracts – aloe vera, chamomile, white tea, rosemary, apricot seed powder, shea butter, cocoa seed butter

Added vitamins - including vitamin E

Formulated with love: 
  • Each  product is created with the finest blend of plant oils and extracts
  • No harmful ingredients are added, such as SLS, petrolatum and mineral oils
  • Alma K comes straight from the shores of the world's most ancient spa
  • Each product is infused with the regenerating power of genuine certified minerals, salts and mud from the Dead Sea
Alma K

You can shop all Alma K products online at allbeauty, with free worldwide delivery available.

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